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The Proper Pet Washable & Reusable Pee Pads for Dogs – Puppy Training (2-Pack) (Small)



Brand: The Proper Pet


  • A Diff-Fur-Ent Kind Of Dog Pad – Want great-looking pee pads for dogs that don’t leak, don’t slide around and don’t fall apart after multiple washes? our indoor dog potty pads give your fur baby a place to “go” while you’re at work, running errands or enjoying a night out!
  • Tons Of Multi-Use Pawsibilities – Our wee wee pads for dogs are perfect for pups of all ages. use the doggie pads to train puppies, help senior or sick dogs use the bathroom in the right place, or when traveling. they’re also great dog crate floor protectors and non-slip food mats!
  • 100% Washable and Reusable – Save countless dollars on costly whelping pads with eco-friendly, washable puppy pads that don’t disintegrate after only a few washes. no more stinky dog pads sitting in the trash and smelling up the entire house!
  • Ultra-Absorbent and non-slip – Our non-slip, multi-layered dog potty pads quickly wick moisture and hold more liquid per square inch than most other dog pee pads on the market. now, dog potty training doesn’t have to mean dirty floors and a stained house!
  • Includes Free Puppy Training Ebook – When you order your washable pee pads for dogs, you’ll also get our free ebook on how to train your pup to use his new doggy pads. he’ll absolutely love having his own little dog toilet right at home!

Package Dimensions: 45x308x321

Details: Tired of constantly worrying about your furry friend having accidents while you’re not at home, traveling too busy to take them outside?Simply place your PROPER PET pads in a strategic location in your home or bring them on vacations for headache-free traveling! Our reusable pee pads for dogs are perfect for helping fur babies of all ages, whether they’re puppies or senior dogs in need of dog incontinence products.Our washable dog pee pads come in three different sizes and can be washed over 200 times and feature a fantastic bone pattern!Q: How do I get my dog to pee on the pet pee pad?A: When you notice signs that your puppy needs to pee ( like circling, sniffing the ground, whining, scratching at the door, or returning to an area he’s previously urinated in), put him on the washable rug. You may need a collar and leash to keep him on the pad at first. Wait until he pees on the reusable puppy pad, then give him lots of praise and a treat to encourage continued use of the puppy training pad.Q: Can these potty pads be used for other animals too?A: Yes! The washable potty pads can also be used to help potty train your cat or line cages for other small pets, like guinea pigs.Who it’s for✔ Parents who need help training their new fur baby✔ Pet owners who live in an apartment/condo with no access to a yard✔ Homeowners who are tired of smelling pee all over the house✔ Owners of senior or sick dogs that have a hard time peeing in the right place✔ Travelers and frequent vacationersProduct Specifications• Two (2) indoor pet potty pads per pack• Three (3) size variations (choose one)Small (16″ x 24″)Med

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